How To Marie Kondo Your Makeup Stash

How To Marie Kondo Your Makeup Stash

Makeup is essential. Well, to a certain extent, it can be considered as one because you use them almost every day, we keep some in our purses, we have a drawer for them but at some point, there is such a thing as TOO MUCH makeup. 

Nope, we don't mean on your face because makeup is subjective! What we mean is those little babies sitting on your makeup table, hiding inside your makeup drawer, stacked in containers, jumbled together in your organisers. Let's talk about them. 

Marie Kondo introduced a system that she made herself which has helped so many people around the world: The KonMari Method. This method involves grouping your items and only keeping those that still sparks your joy.

The KonMari method starts by ‘dumping’ all of your makeup products on the floor. Or wherever that's spacious enough to fit all of your makeup. Yes, every single makeup that you have. This is where it gets fun because you will finally realise how much makeup you actually own. Fun for the eyes but not for the wallet, though. 

The KonMari Method for makeup takes a different turn because, unlike clothes, makeup has actual expiration dates so you really need to stop holding onto your 7-year-old eyeshadow palette. No, seriously. Let. It. Go. Did you know that expired makeup doesn't function as well as it used to anymore and who knows what kind of bacteria is breeding on the surfaces of your makeup? Eek!

Now, the tough part. Deciding which makeup products spark joy. We understand. Your makeup products are your prized possession, you got them with your hard-earned money. But you really have to say goodbye to some of your makeup, especially those that you rarely use anymore. Stop giving any excuses that you might need it later because that ‘emergency’ makeup will pile up and take up too much of your personal space!

Always keep your makeup stash as personalised as possible, with makeup products that you ultimately love and are frequently used. Marie Kondo explained that the KonMari method requires you to hold your item (In this case, your makeup product), and ask yourself if it gives you joy or not.

While it's completely okay to diversify your makeup collection for one of those days where you feel like exploring your creativity, it's also important to be reasonable with your collection. Eg: If you're a #TeamNudeLipstick then you definitely don't need to keep 20 bold lipsticks if you only reach out to your nude browns or pinks on a daily basis. 

Finally, organise your makeup babies that survived the elimination rounds. Place your makeup in organisers that are easy to reach and it's even better if you can place all of them on your vanity table so they're always in your sight; this way no makeup products will be left behind anymore!

Makeup is empowering but at the same time, it shouldn't be taking control over your life. Have the courage to minimise your collection so you can have more fun playing with the products that you actually love and this way, you can also save a couple of bucks by keeping your collection to a reasonable extent. 

Your precious makeup babies that got discarded (that can still be used and are not expired) could be donated to friends or family while the unused ones can be re-sold so they can find a new loving owner.


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