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[CLEARANCE] Super Slim Stick in Bo$$

Liquid Lip Matte

This is my 2nd purchase from VV and im so happppy with my purchases. You guys always produce the best formula s!

Hydrating and glossy

I am not sure if its just me, but it does leave the slightest tint on your lip after a few applications. Its great! Ir hydrates my lips but at the same time it looks pretty and natural🫶🏻


I like the colour n packaging

Glossy Glo Lip Oil in Fruit Punch

this lip oil helps to moisturize my always dry chapped lips and keep it moisture for the whole day. will try other tones soon :)

Unsatisfactory Product

Rating: 3 stars
Looking at the general reviews, I expected the white cast. But still, the white cast really affects the usability of the product on its own. I tend to tolerate white cast because there are many newer formulations that can be negligible. However, not this product, especially when used according to the recommended amount of product to be used on the skin. Especially if you have tanned skin, skip this product. Alternatively, you can layer it with a tinted product.

White cast

I'm a big fan of Velvet Vanity. I'm a dusky girl and it has a very bad white cast but super comfortable on skin. Heartbreak. But I believe you guys can come up with better formulation. Looking forward

Love the lip oil.

Clean girl aesthetic 💫

If you’re trying to achieve the clean girl aesthetic then this lip colour is going to be your bestfriend !

Perfect Lip Matte

Not heavy, dries pretty well, pigmented shade!


The best lip oil, not getting Dior anymore. So beautiful and nourishing

Daily Wristlet Makeup Bag

schmollll, compact, easy to bring to travel lurve it!

AS-IS Super Slim Stick
Asma Saufe

MINOR DEFECT Super Slim Stick

Glossy Glo Lip Oil in Cherry Jam + Fruit Punch Bundle
Wan Syarmine Atiqah Wan Mohd Sofian

She really loves em..
We really love all the products from VV!
The glossy glo lip oil totally lit!

Mindful Mug
Wan Syarmine Atiqah Wan Mohd Sofian

Thank you for following instructions that i request.. Really appreciate.. She really loves it ❤️

Long Lift Lashes Mascara
Really love it

Watch from a video n decided to buy it too. No regrets


This mascara has literally become my new bestfriend

Glo With The Flo Cheek Colour
Jayamuniswari Mogan
effortless blushing effect in seconds!

I love how ligh weight it is and it blends so well on your skin! I feel like I am blushing from within, it looks very natural depending on how much do you apply on!

Best Glossy Glo Lip Oil Ever

It’s hydrating and it looks so, so good!

Love the mascara!!

Definitely does its job!! 💞

The best lip oil in the world!

Percet for every occasion! Not too sticky, comfortable to wear them with mask. Love love love!

Glossy Glo Lip Oil in Crystal Clear + Super Slim Stick Bundle
Super slim stick Boss, Lip glo oil

The perfect rosy pink + top notch lip glo oil

I love the texture!!!!!

Besttttt sangat get yours now!

Glossy Glo Lip Oil Bundle

I love the new lip glo formula. Might purchase it again in the future!

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