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Hi, welcome to Velvet Vanity!


At Velvet Vanity, we strive to create fuss-free makeup + skincare to ease your beauty routine so you feel like YOU. We design our products to make your life easier. Did you know our products are vegan, never tested on animals and proudly Malaysian? Yup, you heard it!

Less is actually more

Velvet Vanity was founded in 2016 by Adlina on the belief that beauty shouldn't be complicated. You really don't need a lot of things to put on to be confident because less is actually more.

Confidence empowers us 

We make it possible for you to have an extra 5 minutes on your bed and make sure your last minute touch up in a moving vehicle a breeze because confidence is for you to carry all the time. 

Happiness is YOU

Our products make you feel like YOU because happiness is to be happy with who you are :) 

Now that you have read our story, we want you to be part of it. Let's explore together!

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