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Velvet Vanity x Cornetto

Un-cone-ditional Love Bundle

Never Forget Sunscreen


Self -Love Hoodie

Long Lift Lashes Mascara

Your next everyday mascara

Glossy Glo Lip Oil

Balm-Stain-Gloss to treat chapped lips

Lipsticks that people rave about

Long-lasting Liquid Matte Lipsticks, that don't dry up your lips.

Glo with The Flo

Sheer Glow Cheek Colour that gives an instant natural flush

Super Slim Stick

Glide-on lipstick, perfect for everyday wear

Reality Star

High Pigment Liquid Eyeshadow with one swipe

Fuss-free makeup + skincare to ease your beauty routine

We design an all-in-one solution that cuts out the need to carry many brushes, make your last minute touch ups in a moving vehicle a breeze and make sure you feel good about being YOU.

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All of our products are never tested on animals

Made with love

We put a lot of effort and love into making each of our products


Our products are free from animal-derived ingredients

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