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Velvet Vanity X Casesbywf

Spice up your phone!

Glossy Glo Lip Oil

Balm-Gloss-Stain hybrid to treat chapped lips

Lipsticks that people rave about

Long-lasting Liquid Matte Lipsticks, that don't dry up your lips.

Glo with The Flo

Sheer Glow Cheek Colour that gives an instant natural flush

Super Slim Stick

Glide-on lipstick, perfect for everyday wear

Reality Star

High Pigment Liquid Eyeshadow with one swipe

Effortless everyday makeup tool making your life easier

Hassle-free makeup products designed to always be with you. Everyday.

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All of our products are never tested on animals

Made with love

We put a lot of effort and love into making each of our products


Our products are free from animal-derived ingredients

"Reality Star is the game-changing product for the modern everyday woman."

"It made daily make-up less of a hustle. Each of their products has elements of youth culture in them that’s perfect for the busy lives of youth worldwide."

"Velvet Vanity checks all the hallmarks we’re looking for and more, by also being fragrance-free, a notable respect that most would appreciate for peace of mind."