Cheap VS Expensive Makeup Sponge - Is it really a big deal?

Cheap VS Expensive Makeup Sponge - Is it really a big deal?

There are many takes on these teardrop shaped sponges that are made to make applying your foundation easier and more ‘airbrushed’-like. But, does the price tag really matter? It’s just a sponge!

We won’t be visiting the sponge shapes because each shape serves different purposes. Our main goal is to find out in general whether an expensive makeup sponge is really a makeup staple or not. Now, this topic boils down into four sections: Latex or Non-Latex, Absorption Power, Blendability, Antimicrobial, and Durability.

Latex or Non-Latex?:
Do you know that expensive sponges don't contain any latex? Now what difference does this ingredient actually make? Not having any latex in your makeup sponge is extremely important to create a smoother foundation canvas because it gives more coverage without absorbing too much product.

Absorption Power:
Expensive sponges have higher absorption power in the sense that they retain water better so this minimises liquid foundation absorption so you won’t be wasting too much foundation while blending it onto your skin. Cheaper sponges don’t hold water that well because it’s not as dense as the expensive ones, so yes, a portion of your liquid foundation is wasted getting trapped on the sponge surface rather than onto your skin.

Some cheap sponges have a bad surface where they’re either too spongy or too rough, which will create a blotched or cakey foundation look whereas the expensive ones are denser so they will spread the foundation on your skin evenly, creating a flawless, airbrushed effect. Not only that, but makeup sponges are useful for those with dry and sensitive skin so investing in a decent one is important to ensure that your skin won’t get irritated from the sponge surface.

It’s important to get a makeup sponge that contains antimicrobial foam because you will be dipping this makeup sponge in water before using it every time and bacteria can easily grow on your makeup sponge if it’s not antimicrobial. This is important to avoid skin rashes and breakouts caused by bacterial infection.

Cheaper sponges don't last as long as the expensive ones because they are made from gritty materials which makes them easier to disintegrate after a few uses especially when you frequently dip them in water and squeeze the water out of it.


Which One Is The Winner?
We’re not trying to be classists, but the expensive one is the clear winner here. Simply because it’s better to invest in a pricier makeup sponge that will absorb less foundation and last longer. But if you don’t want to spend RM99 on a sponge, you can definitely opt for the cheaper ones like those from drugstore brands and other beauty brands that you know and like. We don’t recommend getting the generic ones from the dollar store because they disintegrate quite quickly and your makeup base won’t look as smooth. After all, you only need one sponge so it’s better to make an investment on a good sponge!


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