Is Self-Love, Selfish?

Is Self-Love, Selfish?

Self-Love is a journey of practicing various acts and giving yourself your own words of affirmation, to instill love and care for yourself. You should reciprocate the love that you give to other people by giving yourself the same amount of love. You might've heard this before but if you can't love yourself, then you’ll be having a hard time to love other people.

While that might not actually be 100% accurate, you should practice self-love because if it's not you, who will? Nobody can ever replace your own self love. Your emotional well-being is just as important as your physical health. You deserve self-love.

1. Set your own boundaries, Saying No is OK

It's okay to be selfless, it simply shows that you're human. But to a certain extent, you are allowed to set personal boundaries especially when it comes to your time. Don't let others overstep your time boundaries and if you’ve always been a ‘people-pleaser’, you should practice saying ‘No’ once in a while. Remember, setting boundaries is not selfish.

2. You deserve a ‘Me’ time, Don’t feel guilty about it

Whether getting a quick break or going on a leave, if you’ve been thinking about it, you should just go for it. Humans deserve rest and that includes you too. You shouldn't feel bad about going on a break because breaks are vital to keep yourself happy and relaxed.

3. You are the main character of your life

It's a known fact that you're gonna be with yourself for a long time and you’ve been with yourself for the longest time. Nobody knows you more than yourself so always prioritise yourself. Sometimes, your well-being should come before anyone else's. Don't let anybody else swoop your life decisions and dictate your life. Nobody else is in charge of your life other than yourself. Own yours, besties. It's a very empowering mindset to have.

4. Indulge in your interests, Get in touch with your inner child

Love binging shows, cycling or stitching? No one is too old to enjoy their hobbies and leisure time activities. If you love reading, read! If you love hiking, hike! Sometimes in life, getting in touch with your inner child can be healing too. Revisiting your childhood hobbies and interests can also help to boost your mood and make you feel content. Used to love K-pop and K-dramas? You should consider rewatching your favourites back! It's super fulfilling.

5. Retail therapy is a form of Self-Love

Many believe that retail therapy is the best kind of therapy but it's up to one’s own interpretation. However, we do agree that retail therapy is a form of Self-Love. You shouldn't be stingy with yourself. As long as it's within your budget, then you should definitely just get whatever that's been sitting in your wishlist. You deserve a treat once in a while too, be kind to yourself.

6. Forgive Yourself after every misfortune, Acknowledge that your feelings are valid


Nurturing your emotions is a type of self-love. After every obstacle, remind yourself that life is a long journey of learning. Whenever you face any misfortune, don’t forget to forgive yourself and always remember that your feelings are valid. Never downplay your own feelings and sweep your feelings under the rug just so you can please other people’s feelings. 

Mistakes and mishaps happen in life and as long as you're willing to learn from them, then you're gonna be alright. Have faith in life. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others and everything will fall into its right places. It's all going to be just fine.

Self-love is a never ending journey. Some days you love yourself more, some days it can be a struggle. It's a path filled with making sacrifices for yourself, indulging your interests, understanding your own emotions and never forget, you deserve all of the nice things in life and you are ALWAYS worthy of love. Always.


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