Finding The Perfect Eyeliner Look

It’s no doubt that eyeliners are one of the best creations in the beauty industry because it defines your eyes and it also makes your makeup the extra ‘oomph’ factor. While makeup is an art expression and there’s really no rules on how you should be doing your makeup, some eyeliner techniques work for certain eye shapes more than the others. 


So, how do you get the perfect eyeliner look? 


Almond eyes: Your eyes have a smaller eyelid and longer in width where you can see apparent creases around your eyes. You could draw a thin line from the inner corners of your eyes and make it thicker as you reach the outer corners of your eyes. This way it will enhance your almond eye shape more. 


Hooded eyes: Your eyes have excess skin folding down from your brow bone to on top of your lash line. You have small eyelid creases as well so to define your eyes, a winged eyeliner is the best way to go. This way the focus will be shined more on your winged liner as opposed to your lids.


Small eyes: The best way to identify this is if your eyes are significantly smaller than the size of your mouth or nose. To amplify your eyes, apply a stroke of liner along the top of your lash lines lightly, and you can also waterline them to make your eyes appear bigger.


Round eyes: You have visible creases on your eyelids and your iris is bigger than the white part of your eyeballs. You can apply your liner from the top lash lines and make it thicker around the centre of your lids to give ‘shape’ to your round eyes.


Downturned eyes: Your outer corners are lower than your inner corners where your eyelids would appear as descending eyelids. All you need to do is to flick your liner upward at the outer corners of your eyes to give it an instant lift.


Wide-Set eyes: The gap between your eyes is larger than average. The best trick is to apply a thick liner around the inner corner of your eyes as it goes thinner until your outer corner for a narrower illusion. 


The best takeaway from this is that all eye shapes are beautiful, with the right eyeliner style, you can further enhance your eye makeup; be it for daily makeup look or for special occasions!


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