The Power of TikTok On Beauty Products

Are you a beauty enthusiast? As you scroll through your FYP (For You Page), you might find two to three videos about makeup product reviews, be it a blush from a local cosmetics brand or that lip oil from a luxury brand that has taken the world by a storm, you can’t really escape from videos as such. 


If you’re a TikTok user for a while, it can’t be denied that sometimes it’s tempting to dive into the hype and see what the fuss is about. Ever heard of #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt or are you one of them? It’s arguable that TikTok might be the newest IT Girl of social media marketing because it has a wider reach even without using their paid marketing tools. 


Do you know that just last year, TikTok estimated around $2.3 billion in consumer spending? And a slice of the expensive pie belongs to the beauty sector. Just from a 30 second video alone could make millions rummage through their drugstores to get a mascara that went viral on TikTok.  


These beauty trends are moving really fast and if you’re a user, it’s easy to get yourself drowned in products that you only buy for the sake of owning one, along with many others. While almost everyone on TikTok is racing to be the next IT Girl on the app, how to actually keep up with these rampant launches without burning your money or yourself up? 


Figure out your makeup routine and what works for you. This is very essential to ensure that you won’t exhaust yourself with things that you wouldn’t be using at the end of the day. It’s totally okay to try out new things especially in makeup, but if you get 5 products of the same thing, you might be overwhelmed and end up storing them at the back of your beauty drawer. 


Instead of letting your new and barely used beauty products collect dust, if you find your new product not fitting to your likes, you can give it to a family member or friend! You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 


You really don’t need to own everything to fit in. If you think you can get a good use from a certain beauty product, then go for it! But if you only need it because your friend Jenny bought hers, you should definitely reconsider your financial choices. Don’t let your FOMO-ness (Fear of missing out) make you go broke at the end of the month. However, that’s totally different if your friend or a family member recommends a product to you and you think you could get a good use from it, then that’s fine!


Remember, it’s better to get one or two beauty product(s) once a month that you can get a really good use out of than buying 5 new ones biweekly that will end up expiring along with your other makeup pile that you never use.


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