Post Raya Skin Care Tips

Hari Raya is a wonderful month filled with back-to-back celebrations but now that the big week is finally over, now is your time to catch up on your skin care routine after spending days cooking and visiting houses from morning till night. 


So, what should you do? First, if you’re experiencing the post Raya breakout, it’s most probably because of any of these factors: lack of sleep, diet & makeup or skincare product(s) reaction. It’s completely normal! You’ve spent more than a week of staying up late, enjoying your Ketupat and Rendang, and also trying out new facial products so it’s not weird for you to experience a breakout. 


Stick to your usual skincare regimen. If you’re used to using the trio combo of a cleanser, toner and moisturiser, then so be it! Keeping your skincare routine as simple as possible is the best way to avoid any further irritation on your skin. 


Make sure your skin is moisturised to avoid your skin from being dry or oily. Do you know that moisturisers are important to regulate the oil production in your skin? If you’re one with oily skin type, you shouldn’t be skipping your moisturiser because your skin will then become dry, causing your skin to overproduce natural oils. 


Calm your skin with facial masks. Whether it’s mud masks or sheet masks, treat your skin to its own ‘me time’. 20 minutes of wearing a facial mask weekly will keep your skin supple and hydrated. Avoid overdoing it though, maximum should be twice a week, tops.


Never Forget Sunscreen. Despite the sunshine being beneficial for the Vitamin D, UV rays are harmful on your skin so it’s extremely crucial to keep your skin protected from them. With sunscreen, your skin will thank you in the long run because it also helps to keep your skin young and it combats hyperpigmentation. 


Other than your usual skin care routine, don’t forget to care for your lips as well! Be sure to use moisturising lip treatment products so that your pout won’t be all chapped and flakey. 


Have you done your skin care routine today? 


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