Packing Up Your Beauty Bag For Balik Kampung

It’s Balik Kampung season and if you haven’t packed, this is a guide for you on what to pack for your beauty bag!


First and foremost, never forget your sunscreen. You will be under the Sun while you’re visiting from one house to another and you’re exposed to it while driving, so it’s extremely important to bring your sunscreen to keep your skin protected from the harmful UV rays. 


Next, transfer your usual skincare products into travel sized bottles. From cleansers to toners, moisturisers and serums, you don’t have to bring everything back and just pick the most important ones. Storing them in smaller containers is useful so that you don’t have to carry a heavy load of bags. After all, you won’t be staying there longer than a week or two. 


Packing your makeup might be a tricky thing and you might feel the need to bring everything back to your kampung. This is where you have to plan your makeup look ahead of time and just bring your favourite makeup products, 2-3 of each category. 


For example, 3 lipsticks, 3 blushes, 2 eyeshadow palettes, and pack the others accordingly. You don’t need to bring 3 mascaras and 3 eyeliners, btw. It’s good to pack light so that you won’t be overwhelmed when you have to use your makeup during Hari Raya itself.


Don’t forget to bring your beauty sponge and a few of your trusted makeup brushes, along with a powerful setting spray and a makeup remover. The final two are so important because you need your makeup to stay as long as it can and you don’t want to end the day with your Raya makeup still sticking on your face! 


Insert your acne patches and a facial mask so that you can treat your skin the night before Hari Raya. Acne patches are crucial to treat those last minute pimples that decided to ‘beraya’ with you! Remember, never pop your pimple and just let it pop on its own.


Another two non-beauty items related but deserve a space in your beauty bag: deodorant and sanitary pads, especially those who will be menstruating during the balik kampung season. Even if you won’t, you can keep one or two, just in case! Or if any of your relatives need an emergency pad. Deodorant? Pretty self-explanatory. 


Now that you’re ready to balik kampung, be sure to double check your stuff so that nothing important gets left behind, especially your baju raya and shoes! 


From the entire Velvet Vanity family, we would like to wish our besties a warm Selamat Hari Raya and we hope that your celebration will be filled with blessings, abundance of joy and tons of yummy traditional delicacies. Stay safe!


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