Flawless Raya Makeup Tips

Hari Raya is coming and you deserve nothing but a flawless makeup look for your selfies and Raya OOTDs. But, how to achieve a flawless makeup look? Here’s a few tips that you can check out to achieve a perfect makeup look!


Make sure your skin is clean and moisturised. This is extremely important because your skin is a canvas that you will then paint with your makeup products. No matter how late you are, if you’re planning to put on makeup, make sure you wash your face first because otherwise your makeup will look oily and patchy. 


Prime your face with any primer of your liking to further enhance your skin for an airbrushed, poreless look. Think of a primer as an Instagram filter. It smoothes and blurs out your pores so that your foundation can sit on your face beautifully. 


Since you will most likely be rocking a bolder eye makeup than your usual ones, make sure to do your eye makeup first before applying your foundation. You may apply eye primer if you’d like but prioritising your eye makeup is important to ensure that the fallout from your eyeshadows can then be covered with your facial base. 


Next, layer your cream based products with powder. Whether it’s cream blushes, highlighters and many more, this trick will ensure that your makeup stays longer and if you think your cream based products are too ‘shiny’, this tip will tone down the glow a notch. 


Double coat your mascara. This is important so that your lashes will pop along with your bold eye makeup. A bold eye look will look odd if your lashes look droopy. Just use this tip: Curl your lashes, coat your lashes with mascara from root to tip, curl again, and reapply your mascara if needed. 


For an extra pzass’, apply falsies for a dramatic effect. You don’t need those thick ones if you’re uncomfy, just those natural falsies will do! It will give your eyes an extra oomph to complement your bold eye makeup.


Line your lips before applying your lipstick. This is to transform your pout to look full and also to avoid your lipstick from bleeding and feathering outside of your natural lip line. A pocket friendly tip is to just line your lips with a lip liner that’s nude in colour so that it can match with any lip colour that you’d like to apply next.


Last but definitely not the least, set your makeup and let it ‘marinate’ before you go out and about. Use a good setting spray and let your makeup sit on your skin for an hour or so because by then, your makeup is already mixed with your natural skin oils, giving it a beautiful luminous glow. Then, you’re good to go!


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