How To Prep Your Skin A Week Before An Event

 Have something fun coming up? Whether it's a graduation ceremony, wedding, or any festivities, having flawless skin is crucial to ensure that your makeup looks perfect on that day. So, how to prep your skin a week before a big event?


Watch your diet. Your potato chips and chocolate might be very tempting but save those after the event. It’s important to cut your sugar, carbs and sodium to ensure that your body won’t retain any excess water that will make your body bloated. Not only that, with a good diet, your skin would be less likely to be breakout prone too. It’s just a week’s worth of sacrifice to ensure that your big day will be stunning.


Avoid using any new skincare products before your big event. Been wanting to try that Retinol cream or AHA peel? That can wait! It’s crucial to stick to your regular skincare routine so that you won’t irritate your skin or worse, aggravate a breakout. 


Go light on your makeup. If you’re used to wearing heavy makeup, now is your chance to let your skin breathe a little bit more. Just apply a light base with a tinted moisturiser, lip and cheek tint and a simple brow look to give your face a lively lift without overdoing it. Once the event ends then you may proceed with your usual makeup routine! 


Drink more water. You might be bored of this advice but drinking water is very important to keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated. Hydration is not only crucial for a glowy skin, but it’s also beneficial for weight loss and reducing bloatedness. Switch your sweet drinks with plain water and you will notice a positive change in your overall health. You should also start practising this even after the event!


Give your skin extra lovin’ by focusing on cleansing and moisturising. Ensure that you never skip your skincare routine and make sure that your skin is well-nourished with moisturisers, oils and facial masks. 


Make sure your skin is well exfoliated before the event. Just be sure that you use a gentle physical or chemical exfoliant to get rid of your dead skin cells. Exfoliating your skin is also useful to slow down early signs of ageing and also to stop breakouts from worsening. It’s also proven to smoothen out your skin and improve your overall complexion and skin tone.




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