Makeup Guide for Men

Ever since we saw Robert Pattinson’s Batman wearing his iconic black eyeshadow, many of us might be thinking, do men really need makeup? If yes, then what makeup should they start using? This is a simple guide for the gents who want to look presentable everyday.


Before we start, this is a gentle reminder that wearing makeup does not make you look less of a man and the notion that men shouldn’t be taking care of how they look is an outdated fragile masculinity myth that should be debunked. 


First, the easiest way for a gentleman to incorporate makeup into their everyday routine is by simply using a good concealer to cover up the under eyes. This way, you will look more fresh and less dull, especially those with panda under eyes. Love what you’re seeing after using the concealer? You should start incorporating eye cream to soothe your eye area so that they can appear brighter.


Second, make sure that your lips aren’t crusty. Prep your lips to ensure that they’re not dry and chapped. Whether with lip oil, lip balm or lip mask, moisturised lips are always attractive and it’s not that hard to ensure that your pout looks healthy. Be sure to always bring any of the lip care products anywhere you go so that you can apply it anytime.


Wanna go the extra mile? You can practice applying a light facial base on your face like tinted moisturiser to give your skin a smooth canvas illusion. Not only that, the light base will tone up your skin and make your skin tone look even. 


If you’d like your eyes to pop you might wanna add a guyliner too (Remember Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean? Yea, that’s a guyliner!). Just lightly draw a dotted line along your upper and lower lash lines, exactly the same thing as tightlining. 


You can also trim your brows too because brows are one of the most important features of the face as they serve as a frame to your face. Psst, the Korean oppas also would apply subtle lip and cheek tint to give their face a subtle glowy  flush.


Other tips that aren’t makeup tips include to always moisturise your skin so that your skin would be healthy and smooth. Not only that, you should also start using sunscreen before leaving the house. 


You don’t have to start doing all of these all at once, just make sure that your skin is moisturised and protected from the Sun and also your lips are not chapped, then you’re good to go!


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