All About Breaking Out

All About Breaking Out

Have you ever just got a huge breakout out of nowhere? Breakout is when your follicles are filled with oil or sebum, dead skin cells and more often than not, bacteria. What actually causes breakouts? 


The major causes of breakouts are: skincare products, stress, diet, dehydration, skin contact, and insufficient sleep. Skincare products are the most famous cause of breakouts especially when you simply try out the new products without patch testing them beforehand. Some skin care products are not compatible with your skin and it causes your skin to inflame and your pores to be clogged. Hence, it’s crucial to do a patch test before trying out your new skin care product.


Secondly, stress. While there’s no direct link between stress and breakouts, do you know that when you’re stressed, your body releases corticotropin-releasing hormones (CRH) that triggers inflammation and production of excess oil? 


Other factors include poor diet and dehydration in which you consume food that triggers your acne to worsen. When you’re dehydrated, your skin will cause your skin to produce excess oil just to keep your skin hydrated.


Insufficient sleep is also the main factor of breaking out because when you sleep, your cells are regenerated so when you sleep less, your body won’t be able to restore to its full potential. Also, when you lack sleep, you’ll also be stressed which will then trigger your acne. 


How to control your breakout?

Wash your face more regularly, double-cleanse if possible. Get rid of excess oils and dirt on your skin by cleansing your skin, religiously. Avoid facial cleanser that makes your skin feel tight after cleansing because it means that your cleanser is too harsh. 


Drink more water and practice a balanced diet. You know what they say, it’s important to stay hydrated and also take care of your diet at the same time. Other than its vanity purposes, both things are crucial to keeping your health in check. 


Manage your stress and get plenty of sleep to get that wonderful glow from within. Don’t push yourself too hard and try practising methods to relieve stress. Be sure you get 7 hours of sleep minimum, every day, to stay fit. 


Last but not least, avoid touching your face. This is because your hands are in contact with a lot of dirt and bacteria every day, so try to be mindful about keeping your hands away from your face.




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