How to choose the perfect mask for your makeup?

How to choose the perfect mask for your makeup?

As we enter into the third year of the pandemic, all of us are slowly adapting to the new norm, but there’s surely one thing that’s super annoying to deal with: makeup transferring to your face mask. Imagine spending hours doing your makeup, just to get 50% of it on your mask. But fret not besties, we found the perfect tip to stop makeup from transferring to your mask.


No, ditching your face mask is never an option (unless mandated in the future). Remember, your health is number one and you shouldn’t compromise it for the sake of vanity. The first step is to choose the perfect face mask. Luckily, we are no longer stuck with the blue medical mask-like when we first entered the ‘COVID-19 era’. There are tons of choices for you to choose from the disposable ones to the reusable face masks that come in so many designs and materials.


With the COVID-19 cases spiking with new variants coming up, it’s best to opt for the disposable medical ones as it gives you the most protection. You may choose the reusable ones, just choose those with protective layers where you can slot a filter in or better yet, use it as an extra layer on top of your disposable mask (double masking). 


When choosing your face mask, consider these factors: material, functionality, fitting, and space. You should opt for a mask that’s made of the most breathable material. This is because if you choose one that’s not breathable, you will sweat extra and that’ll melt down your makeup. Not only that, you are prone to maskne as well especially if the material is rough.  


Secondly, is functionality. After all, what’s the point of wearing a mask if droplets can still seep through your mask? It’s important to get one that’s certified by the Health Ministry so that you won’t get scammed by face masks that don’t serve their purpose to protect your mouth and nose from the virus. It’s understandable that you can still get COVID-19 no matter how cautious you are, but at least you’ve done your part to contain the spread by investing in a face mask that is safe to use.


Fitting is another important factor to consider because if your mask is ill-fitting, then your face will be irritated and your makeup will transfer to your mask if it’s too tight. Another scenario is droplets could seep in if your mask is too loose. Last but not least, choose a face mask that has a spacious fit around the cheeks and mouth area. The best option would be KF94, KF95 and duckbill masks because it has a little distance between your face and the mask so that your makeup won’t budge (Disclaimer: The main purpose of the design is to allow a comfy fit).


The best tips to lock your makeup are to use a makeup primer, long-wear makeup products, and a powerful setting spray to keep everything intact. You may also bake your makeup and use a setting spray in between your makeup steps for extra staying power.



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