Celebrating Women by Breaking The Bias

Celebrating Women by Breaking The Bias

After so many years, we’ve seen how the world has evolved and how the treatment towards women has shifted, era by era. Every 8th of March, the whole world would celebrate International Women’s Day to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women across the globe, from the famous icons to the woman living next door. 


For 2022’s International Women’s Day or in short, IWD, chose the theme of #BreakTheBias for this year. What does it mean by ‘breaking the bias’? This year’s theme touches on several aspects including Building workplaces where women can thrive, pushing for equality for all women all over the world, empowering women’s health choices, and supporting women’s empowerment worldwide.


Building workplaces where women can thrive:

When you think of a CEO, who comes to your mind? Is it a male or a female? More often than not, workplaces all over the world are often led by men and do you know that in a lot of companies and organisations, female employees get paid less than their male counterparts, who share the same qualifications and skills as them? Some even get paid less than their male coworkers who have far fewer qualifications and skills than them, simply because they’re men. For this year’s IWD, we are trying to push forces to build workplaces where women can thrive without any biases and prejudice. Where women are celebrated and appreciated in every single thing that they do. 


Push for equality for all women in the world:

While some parts of the world are highly developed, there are some that don’t and unfortunately for those regions, their local women would suffer the consequences. From child marriages to marital abuse, and toxic practices of patriarchy, women are denied freedom, access to education and also the power to make their own decision in various aspects that includes financial decisions, health decisions and even life decisions (marital status). It’s time to push for equality for all women all over the world especially in underdeveloped nations because they too, deserve the liberty in choosing whatever that’s best for them and not predetermined by someone else’s authority. 


Empower women’s health choices: 

Have you heard of the husband’s stitch? It’s a sick medical procedure where the woman who just gave a vaginal birth would get an ‘extra stitch’, supposedly to tighten the vagina so that the spouse will get increased pleasure during sex. While most would think that it’s just a myth or hearsay, unfortunately to some women, it is very real. It will only cause more pain to the mother and another classic case of women having to make unfair health choices is when they have to go on birth control (which causes mood swings, along with other complications) while their partners refuse to take any birth control measures. 


Support women’s empowerment worldwide:

This International Women’s Day, let us all support women’s empowerment worldwide so that women can thrive in various aspects of their lives. Women deserve the right to education, they deserve to work in a career that values women, and they deserve to make their own informed decisions in life. Let’s try creating a world where women can be safe, anywhere, for being a woman.






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