Food & Acne - What's The Correlation? 

Food & Acne - What's The Correlation? 

Maybe you’ve heard this before, but other than genetics, your diet is certainly linked to your acne, on top of other external factors such as humidity, cleanliness and many more. While it is true that you may eat whatever that you want but unfortunately, some of your favourite food might be the culprit behind your breakout. 

So, which food triggers acne and why?

Before you proceed, do remember that food alone doesn't cause acne but it certainly plays a significant role for your skin condition. 


Sugar. Ah, that’s a tricky one because everything has sugar. This does not mean you should cut off your sugar intake entirely but to take it down a notch. It’s always great to have everything in moderation as sugar contains high glycemic index and it could affect your other hormones which will then cause your natural oil production to go high.  


Chocolate. This will surely break a lot of hearts and while it’s not been fully debunked by scientists, studies show that those who consume more chocolate in their diet are most likely to get pimples, 10 times more than those who don’t consume as much. A good option for chocolate lovers is to substitute your usual milk chocolate candy with dark chocolate, for a change.


How about oily food? This may come to you as a surprise but oily food actually doesn't trigger acne. Say… what? Yup, oily, greasy food won’t cause acne, however, it’s not healthy for you either so it’s always good to not overdo it. 


Okay, then what should you consume more then?

Nuts. Rich in antioxidants, it’s no wonder why fitness enthusiasts are always ‘nuts’ about nuts! They contain insane levels of nutrients that protect your body cells from damage and infections, and skincare wise, antioxidants are known to be very beneficial in clearing up acne. 

Salmon. High in Omega 3 fatty acids, salmon is the best fish option as it lowers inflammation in your body and at the same time, it keeps the acne away. Salmon is known to help reduce the amount of protein that your body makes which is directly related to acne. 


Fruits & vegetables. It goes without saying that in order to be healthy, you have to eat your greens and also fruits. They’re rich in nutrients that keep your hormones at bay and help you achieve that ‘glow from within your skin’ look. 


Keeping your diet as clean as possible will surely bring a significant change not only to your overall health but also your mood and skin condition. It’s okay to indulge in your favourite guilty pleasures once in a while but remember, always enjoy everything in moderation. 


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