Does Cleansing Balm Actually Work?

Does Cleansing Balm Actually Work?

Lately, the cleansing balm has gotten all of the raves in the beauty industry, especially among makeup lovers. Cleansing balms are effective to break down all of the impurities on your skin, especially the dirt and makeup on your face. 


Cleansing balms are rich in natural oils that serve as a deep cleanser to meltdown excess oil that’s trapped in your skin. Wait, so if it’s made from natural oils, is it suitable for those with oily skin?

Despite it being greasy, most cleansing balms are suitable for all skin types and some are formulated to suit each specific skin type (oily, dry and normal). Compared to the typical makeup removers, cleansing balms are proven to be more gentle to the skin, thanks to their moisturising properties. 


What makes cleansing balms stand out from the rest?

While micellar waters and other cleansers are able to remove your makeup just fine but cleansing balms make the best option for you, especially for the oily skin and dry skin peeps out there because cleansing balms pull out oil from your skin without stripping down the existing hydration in your skin, making it the perfect option to deep clean your face without irritating your skin. 


Other than their makeup removal power, cleansing balms also protects your skin from inflammation and redness because it’s so gentle and moisturising, unlike makeup wipes. Not only that, but you can also avoid premature ageing because, with cleansing balms, all you need to do is use circular motions around your face to remove it instead of tugging a cotton pad or makeup wipe across your delicate skin. 


The best way to use your cleansing balm is by applying a quarter amount on your palm and warming it with your fingers. Remember, make sure your skin is dry before applying it so that it can do its job to dissolve all makeup and impurities. Once everything is stripped, then you can rinse it off with water until your face is squeaky clean. 


Our pro tip is to always, always, always, check the ingredients before purchasing a cleansing balm. Make sure to do your own lil’ research so that you can choose the perfect cleansing balm that suits your skin type and condition. 



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