Are You Blushing the Right Way? Learn How To Apply Blush Like A Pro

Are You Blushing the Right Way? Learn How To Apply Blush Like A Pro

Move over, bronzers. It’s time to make way for blushers. Since 2019, blushers are slowly creeping back into the beauty trend and they’re here to stay. 

Smiling while you’re applying your blush isn’t the only method!
It’s time to diversify your makeup looks by trying out different types of blush applications. Other than your good-ole bronzer, your blusher actually has the power to ‘alter’ your facial structure.

1. Full apple technique:


This is the OG of all blush techniques. To achieve this look, all you need to do is apply your blush in circular motions around the apples of your cheeks. This will help you achieve a simple and natural blushed look.

2. Lifted technique:

This one has taken the social media platforms by storm. Just like its name, you need to apply your blush above your cheekbones, near the side of your eyes for an instant cheek lift. Avoid the apples of your cheeks in order to keep the makeup look as ‘lifted’ as possible.

3. Contoured technique:


If you’re looking for a makeup look that isn’t too heavy, you can go for this contoured technique for a defined look but not too over the top. This method requires you to place your blush where you’d usually apply your bronzer which is around your cheekbones.

4. Sun-kissed technique:

Want to flex your blush to the world? The sun-kissed technique is your new bestie. Just apply your blush in a straight motion around the higher points of your cheeks and just like a literal bridge, you go over your nose bridge and back to your cheeks a few times for a cute over blushed look.

5. Under eyes techniques:

Forget concealers, just apply your blush around your under eyes and around the higher points of your cheeks for a youthful flush. Don’t forget to add a boop of blush on the tip of your nose!

While powder blush has been in the market since forever, you should totally add some varieties in your blush collection and a must-have blush product would be a gel blush. Gel blush is a form of liquid blush but the consistency is thicker so you can easily blend it seamlessly to your skin for that natural flush without looking too over the top.

Velvet Vanity’s Glo With The Flo comes in four stunning colours: Millennial Pink (Delicate Pink), Peach, What? (Natural Peach), House Party (Muted Rose) and Gift Wrap (Muted Coral). This dewy finish range is non-comedogenic and formulated to blur your pores for an airbrushed effect on your skin. It also contains phytosqualane to give your skin that extra hydration.



Whatever blush color that you like, be it pink, coral, red, brown or even purple, from the VVC team with love, Just Keep Blushing!


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