How To Find The Right Nude Lipstick

How To Find The Right Nude Lipstick

Nude lipstick is truly a makeup stash staple because it’s suitable for almost all occasions! But here comes the tricky part, finding the right nude lipstick. There are just too many nude lipsticks out there and the possibilities are endless. If you’re overwhelmed with the amount of nude lipstick choices in the market or underwhelmed because your current nude lippies wash you out, we’re here to help! 

#1 Determine Your Skin Tone Category
There’s a huge spectrum of skin tones but to get the right nude lipstick, we’ll break it down into a few simple categories: Light, Fair, Medium, Tan, Dark.

Light: This is the lightest skin tone. One way to indicate it is you easily burn under the Sun and never tan. You have cool undertones.

Fair: You have a light skin tone but with warmer or neutral undertones as opposed to light skin tones. You usually burn then tan.

Medium: You have a brownish-fair skin tone with warm undertones. Your skin is in between fair and tan. You may burn but tan well.

Tan: Your skin is mocha or caramel coloured with golden warm undertones. Rarely burns, always tans.

Dark: Your skin is in the deepest skin tone range. This range never burns under the Sun. You either have cool, neutral or warm undertones.

#2 Find Out Your Undertones
A general rule when picking your nude lipstick is to follow your undertones. If you have cool undertones then your lipstick should have cool undertones too. But do you know what your undertones are? Or you just take a guess from your skin tone?

Fret not, you can now confirm your undertones by simply checking your veins on your wrist using this guide:

Cool Undertones: Your veins are blue or purple, or both.
Neutral Undertones: Your veins are blue or green, or both.
Warm Undertones: Your veins are green or olive, or both.

#3 Discover Your Perfect Nude Lipstick Here

Perfect Nude for Light Skin tones: Cooler rosy-beige toned lipsticks work best for this range. Avoid picking a beige lipstick that’s too light as it will appear as a concealer on your lips.


Perfect Nude for Fair Skin Tones: You can go from pink to beige toned lipsticks. Avoid picking a lipstick that’s too light, it’ll end up making you look pale. Both warm or cool undertone-lipsticks work for you.


Perfect Nude for Medium Skin Tones: Brown or pink-toned nude lipsticks compliments this skin range the best. Both warm or cool undertone-lipsticks work for you but you should go for warmer-toned lipsticks as it will accentuate your warm skin tone.


Perfect Nude for Tan Skin Tones: Brown or beige toned lipstick works best for this skin range. Similar to medium skin tones, lipsticks with warmer undertones really compliment this range.


Perfect Nude for Dark Skin Tones: Nude lipsticks with brown or pink tones (with warm or cool undertones) would work best for this skin range, provided that it’s a few shades lighter than your skin tone for that natural look.


Yay, You’ve Finally Found The One!
The key to finding your perfect nude lipstick is to simply find your MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade! With the right nude lipstick, you can finally flaunt your beautiful pout in your selfies with extra confidence!  


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