Makeup In COVID Era: Do We Still Need Them?

Makeup In COVID Era: Do We Still Need Them?

The question of wearing makeup in this pandemic is endless, it may not be discussed publicly, rather something that you’ve been debating with yourself. The guilt of buying makeup when the only place you go is the nearest grocery store. Has the doomsday arrived for our makeup stash?

It’s somewhat ironic to put on full-faced makeup but having to wear masks over it, every single day. Back then it might be just one mask, but now we have to wear two. Between battling the pandemic and occasional maskne, how do we work our way through makeup?

Makeup helps us to feel good. It helps us accentuate our beauty, it pushes us to explore our creativity and there are actually ways for you to still rock it even with face masks or if you have nowhere to go at all.

Less Is More...

If you’re going somewhere, avoid thick foundation because you’ll be sweating from your face masks and this can cause a potential maskne. Natural makeup is the new in-thing nowadays so don’t be afraid to try simpler looks. Try liquid-based makeup that absorbs in your skin seamlessly such as our dewy Glo With The Flo blush. Still itching for full-face makeup? Instead of slapping a full-coverage foundation, let your skin breathe and get creative with your eye look by expressing your makeup skills through graphic liners and high-pigment eyeshadows like our Reality Star!





Explore Makeup With Skincare Benefits

Do you know that some makeup is rich in skincare benefits? Makeup-skincare hybrid is sought after by many especially the skincare-conscious as it helps your skin to feel and look good, inside and out. The good-for-you ingredients that are included in such products won’t irritate your skin (Say goodbye to maskne) but instead helps to reveal healthy, radiant skin. Intrigued to try? You may start with our Glossy Glo Lip Oil, a moisturising stain-gloss-balm hybrid that is rich in jojoba seed oil, apricot oil and rice bran oil to treat chapped lips.




Wear Makeup Whenever You Feel Like It!

It’s important to keep some sense of normalcy, especially during these crazy times. If doing your makeup brings you joy, then keep doing it. It’s not wrong to wear makeup while you’re at home, eyes glued on your laptop screen from 9-5. Even better, you can record makeup Tik Toks and share it with the world.


The answer to the earlier question is no, the doomsday for your makeup stash still hasn’t arrived. All you need to do is pick and choose your favourites, especially those that are fuss-free. Keep doing what makes you feel good and beautiful.


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