Makeup for Dry Skin

Makeup for Dry Skin

Do you have dry skin? After a long day of going out with your full-faced makeup, you return home with your foundation cracking and your skin just looks ghastly because it feels like the Sahara Desert? You might wanna switch up your makeup products so you can look fabulous from day to night without worrying about your makeup drying out your skin!

Moisturise Before Makeup
Be sure to apply moisturiser (before sunscreen), then proceed with your makeup routine. Many of us tend to forget to apply moisturiser and just jump straight to applying foundation, causing our base to look uneven and patchy.

Matte Foundation is a big No
While matte foundation might be the IT thing in the beauty industry but it’s best to stay away from them if you have dry skin. Try going for dewy foundation, BB or CC creams because they are lightweight and more moisturising. When shopping for a foundation, avoid those containing silicone because they tend to cling to dry patches, making your skin look cakey.

Too much powder
Setting your makeup with powder is an important step in any makeup routine but for all dry skin babes out there, don’t go overboard when dusting powder on your face because too much powder will accentuate the dry patches on your skin. Just lightly tap your powder on the necessary areas instead of baking your entire face.

Switch to liquid-based products
Skin gets flakey when you apply makeup? The time has come to introduce your skin to liquid-based makeup products. Cream blushes and cream bronzers will make your skin look more dewy, youthful and ‘alive’ while still giving you that defined look.

Our Glo with The Flo liquid blush is perfect for everyone especially for #TeamDrySkin because it’s rich in Phytosqualane to hydrate your skin while giving it a natural, airbrushed, dewy blush effect. It comes in four stunning colours: Millennial Pink, Peach, What? (Natural Peach Shade),

Highlight the high points of your face
We know that we’ve left the blinding highlighter trend back in 2016 but you definitely should highlight along the high points of your face to give that dewy and illuminating lift without looking like a disco ball. Highlight your face lightly with a cream highlighter on your nose bridge, brow bones and cheekbones.

Set your makeup with Hydrating Spray
Setting spray is super crucial especially if you have a long day ahead but in exchange of matte setting spray, try the hydrating ones instead so your skin won’t be all dry and flakey. Hydrating setting spray will keep your makeup locked in place without sucking all of the moisture out of your skin. 


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