How to Get Better Sleep

How to Get Better Sleep

Ever felt like your day should be 30 hours instead of 24 so you can get more sleep? Believe it or not, sleep plays a major factor in your life, especially health-wise, so that’s why you have to cultivate a healthy sleeping pattern so you can stay productive during the day.

#1 Less Coffee, More Zzz’s
It’s a well-known fact that caffeine serves as a pick-me-up and it feels almost wrong to start your day without sipping a cup of coffee. However, too much coffee equals less sleep because caffeine causes you to stay awake for extended hours. Try avoiding coffee hours before sleep and switch it with a warm cup of Chamomile Tea instead for that calming effect. Zen in a cup, one might say.

#2 Your Bed is not your Office Desk
WFH has been ingrained in our everyday lives since the beginning of this pandemic and one thing for sure is that it’s super important to keep your bed as your resting place. It’s not advisable to use your laptop while you’re on the bed because it diminishes the separation between your place of sanctuary and your workspace. Working in your bedroom is OK, just not on your bed.

#3 Golden Sleep Ratio 
Practice the Golden Sleep Ratio in your daily routine: The 20:20:20. Divide the final hour before your bedtime into three chunks. First 20 minutes to do last-minute work or social media related stuff, 20 minutes for hygiene (skincare routine and/or night shower) and 20 minutes for rest or meditation. The first two chunks are switchable according to your usual habit but avoid looking at your phone screen during the final 20 minutes because blue light makes it difficult to doze off.

#4 Listen to Brown Noise to Wind Down
Find yourself falling asleep to a switched-on TV or a running podcast? Wind down your day by tuning into brown sounds such as the soft ocean waves, rain, and fireplace sounds. Basically brown noises are those that run at much lower sound frequencies than pink noises (rustling leaves, steady rain, wind and heartbeats). It’s much more relaxing and guaranteed for a good night’s sleep.

#5 Cool Yourself Down Before Bed
No one can sleep well when they’re sweating or uncomfy so it’s important to wear comfortable nighttime clothes or pyjamas, preferably made from soft cotton. You can also switch your bedsheets to softer ones so you can stay cool during the night and who doesn’t love soft bed sheets? They make you feel like you’re sleeping on a puffy cloud!

#6 Secret Recipe To A Good Sleep
Guilty of sleeping at 1.30 am just to wake up at 6.30 am for work? That’s super unhealthy and you should definitely change that habit. According to researchers, 7 ½ hours is the perfect amount of sleep that an average adult should be getting on a daily basis. Sufficient sleep is crucial to ensure you can go on and about your day without feeling fatigued. 


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