Lip care tips: An ultimate guide

Lip care tips: An ultimate guide

7 Lip Care Tips For Healthy Pout, 7 Days a Week

#1 Picking The Right Lip Balm
When there are just too many lip balms in the market, sometimes you tend to pick the ones that have more novelty value over their effectiveness. One key point to remember is to try to avoid petroleum-based lip balms if you already have dry lips because what petroleum does is seal existing moisture. Get those that are rich in shea butter, lanolin, Vitamin E or go the extra mile and get those with added Hyaluronic Acid for that extra oomph.

Want a lip balm that ain’t basic? You should definitely try our Glossy Glo Lip Oil (GGLO). This unique balm-stain-gloss hybrid is formulated to be non-sticky, perfect as a lip treatment slash light makeup! Glossy Glo Lip Oil is infused with jojoba seed oil, apricot oil, rice bran oil to treat your chapped, dry lips and once you hop on the GGLO bandwagon, there’s no turning back! Our GGLO comes as a duo pack: Hotshot (Sheer Red) and Crystal Clear (Clear).

#2 Use The Right Lip Product
When you’re applying makeup, that one last step (lipstick) plays a major role in making you look more put together. It’s important to note that when choosing the right shade, you need to consider your lip condition too. If your lips are cracked or chapped, avoid matte lipsticks as they will suck out all of the moisture from your lips. Use cream lipsticks or glosses instead for that pop of colour minus the painful vacuum feel. 

#3 Scrub Your Lips
Scrub your lips as frequent as you scrub your face in order to achieve that I-got-a-lip-filler look but don't over-exfoliate, 1-2 times a week is fine. You can get lip scrubs from stores or make it yourself using sugar and other ingredients according to your liking. Among cult favourite ingredients when it comes to homemade lip scrubs include raw honey, olive oil, lemon and coconut oil.

#4 Don’t Lick Your Lips
You might have heard this advice over 100 times already but we’re here to tell you for the 101st time. To break it to you in a scientific way, your saliva actually contains digestive enzymes so when you lick your lips, it will wear down the skin on your lips so when dry air touches your lips, it can potentially lead to bleeding lips. And stop biting your lips, you’re the main character but it's not Bella Swan. 

#5 Drink More Water
Yes, get that 2 litres of water into your system. Not only water keeps your insides healthy but it helps to keep your skin and lips healthy as well. Dehydration from the inside will cause you to dry out so if you've been forgetting to drink enough water, that must be the main reason why your lips are all dried out like a pack of raisins. Drink. that. water. now.

#6 Sleeping Lip Mask
While you catch up on some zzz’s, don’t forget to wear a sleeping lip mask on your lips so you can wake up with a pink, moisturised pout! You might be thinking, “What’s the difference?”. Sleeping lip masks are thicker and rich in super-moisturising ingredients which makes it perfect to wear it to bed due to its thicker consistency. Not a fan? You can apply a thick layer of your favourite lip balm before sleep. Psst, our Crystal Clear lip oil is perfect for bedtime! Not too thick but not too thin, you finally found your bedside staple!

#7 Bring Your Lip Balm Everywhere
You must get an extra lip balm to throw in your bag of the day that you can wear anytime you need some hydration. Get a stick lip balm so you can directly apply it on your lips and avoid using the one in jars when you're outside especially when you’re on the go, it's not hygienic. (you should always apply using clean fingers). Want lip balm that won’t melt out in your bag? Get our GGLO, it even fits cutely in your pocket!


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