How To Treat Maskne

How To Treat Maskne

Are you experiencing acne especially when you’re wearing face masks for long hours? That’s actually maskne and it is a result of clogged pores due to oil, bacteria and dead skin that got trapped on your skin. It can get even worse when you have to do rigorous activities while wearing a face mask because sweating can cause humidity to be trapped hence, maskne.

5 Ways To Combat Maskne:

1. Wash Your Face Regularly
Due to all of those bad boys trapped on your skin, it’s important to always cleanse your face especially after long hours of wearing your face mask. Get a facial cleanser that is suitable according to your skin type as follows:-

Foaming Cleansers: For oily and acne-prone skin
Gel Cleansers: For normal and combination skin
Cream or Milk Cleansers: For dry skin

Not only that, but you should also refer to the ingredients in the cleansers and pick the one that’s most suitable to your skin concerns.

2. Throw Your Disposable Mask After Every Use
Though this is a given, we can’t emphasize how important it is to never reuse your disposable mask, let alone reuse it for another 2-3 days. Unless you’re dining outside and reusing it afterwards, then you should store it in a clean pack or pouch and you have to ensure that the mask is dry. If it’s wet or dirty, toss it out. Reusing disposable masks will cause your skin to flare up!

3. Always Wash Your Reusable Face Mask
Reusable face masks are the new trend nowadays as they are more eco-friendly but you must always wash them after every use because it’s harmful to rewear your face mask as they might have droplets of the virus. Not only that, worn masks have a lot of bacteria on them which will worsen your skin if you keep reusing them.

4. Get The Right Non-Comedogenic Moisturizer & Sunblock
Now that we’re embracing the new norms of life, it also means embracing new skincare products that suit you better in this condition. Invest in lightweight moisturizers and sunblock to avoid your pores being blocked with excessive products especially with a mask over it. Only wear thick moisturizer during nighttime or when you’re not wearing a face mask.

5. Keep Your Makeup & Face Mask Light and Breezy
While it’s crucial to always wear a face mask outside, you should always keep in mind that your face mask must contain 2 layers or more for it to be protective against any harmful droplets. Get face masks that fit snuggly but not too tight and are made out of soft materials. Other than that, keep your makeup light by avoiding thick foundation under your face mask as it can trigger breakouts.

You can try these tips to help treat your skin from major flare-ups. Remember, acne isn’t something to be ashamed of and it’s important to feel comfortable in your own skin. At the end of the day, acne is normal. The entire Velvet Vanity team shares the same belief that it’s important to embrace every part of yourself. Most importantly, it’s an unspoken rule that you should never pinpoint somebody else’s acne or scars because it’s a sensitive issue. Let’s be sensible, VVC besties!


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