Is It Okay To Wear Makeup Every Day?

For some, makeup serves as something that boosts their confidence, while some might think it's just another routine in their daily lives. Whether makeup is your form of expression or just a daily necessity, is it really okay to wear makeup every day? 

Do you know that wearing makeup everyday increases the likelihood of you getting more frequent breakouts? This is because makeup is known as pore-clogging, especially the mattifying foundation or any facial base.

Noticed more tiny bumps or small whiteheads appearing on your forehead? Dermatologists identify those as acne cosmetica, a condition where you get these tiny annoying bumps out of nowhere and it would take ages for it to 'pop'. 

Hygiene also plays a major factor in whether makeup will affect your skin condition or not. When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? How long have you been using that pressed powder or blush? You have to frequently wash your makeup tools, at least twice a month, to ensure there's no bacteria or dirt sitting between the bristles of your face brush that will cause skin irritation. 

As for expired makeup, other than these products won't be able to perform as well as before, but the longer you keep them, the higher the chances for them to be a place for bacteria to breed, which will then, yes, you guessed it, cause a breakout. Your blush pan starts to look weird and smells funky? It's time to chuck it out.

Ah, concealers. They have to be one of the greatest inventions in the beauty industry. It conceals and hides almost anything under the Sun. Have a huge zit that looks like a cherry? Conceal it. Have eye bags and dark circles from bingeing your entire 16 episodes worth of K-drama? Conceal it. But for the former, it does come at a cost.

According to experts, if you conceal your zit, while it may not apply to all, you're putting it at risk of further worsening it. Especially for zits that you've popped but it's still there (You know what I mean). When you apply concealer on top of it, the open wound will absorb even more dirt and bacteria that will make the zit overstay its unwanted welcome. 

Your mascara will hurt your eyes. Can't live without your holy grail waterproof mascara that makes your lashes look super dramatic? You might want to consider alternating it with washable mascaras that are more gentle to the eyes. This is because waterproof mascaras are hard to clean and they are more likely to leave at least a little residue on your eyelids that could potentially cause inflammation.

If the tear film in your eyes is ruined, your eyes will be dry and it will cause further irritation. If you don't remove your mascara the right way, you might experience lash loss too. The best tip is to remove your mascara thoroughly but do it gently so that your eyes won't get irritated and no lash will be a victim of the usual cotton pad and micellar water weapon.

Once in a while, if your job doesn't require you to wear makeup for 7 days straight, you should let your skin breathe without any makeup. Whenever possible, you can also try light makeup to avoid your pores from getting clogged too! Remember, with or without makeup, you're already beautiful!


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