How Coffee Affects Your Skin

You wake up early in the morning, shower, get dressed, and get yourself to work. You queue for your favourite cup o' joe because without it, you might as well just not come to work at all. As you age, you just need that daily dose of coffee otherwise you will wreak havoc. What if we were to tell you that your morning booster is not really the best thing for your skin's health? 

*Cues dramatic gasp* Yes, we hate to break this to you but unfortunately, experts have found coffee to be bad for your skin. It's actually not that good for your health either but let's shift our focus towards the skin instead. Coffee could potentially cause more acne. Quite the irony, one might say, because the essence of coffee itself is to make yourself energetic and not stressed. It's supposed to keep you awake but the caffeine awakens the little bumps on your skin as well. 

Experts have found that when you consume too much caffeine, your stress levels will increase as well. You know the classic drill: the more stressed you are, the more likely that your acne will make a dramatic entrance. They also advised that you should be consuming coffee up to 4 cups a day, but you should limit it down to 2 cups daily if you're looking for the perfect balance between enjoying caffeine without causing your skin to run amok with breakouts. 

This entry serves justice to #TeamBlackCoffee because other than the universal belief that that's the best way to enjoy your coffee, adding sweeteners, creams and syrups could cause breakouts. Wipe your tears, dear cafè latte lovers, for there is still a way to salvage this problem. Experts recommend cutting back on your sugar and dairy milk and opting for non-dairy options instead. There are tons of non-dairy options nowadays: soy milk, almond milk, oat milk and many more. However, this does mean you have to tone down your Caramel Frappe intake because that one is a no-no. Well, you can, but make it a monthly treat instead.  

If you drink poor quality coffee, it will disrupt your gut and that will lead to a bad skin condition because the health of your gut is essential to your overall health which includes, of course, your skin. If you can, try opting for good quality coffee with organic sweeteners or organically sourced non-dairy milk, so that not only your skin will appear better, but it will improve your overall health too!

This blog post was not written to demonise coffee. We get it, the older you get, the more you need coffee! The best advice is to keep everything in moderation and that includes your favourite cup o' joe.


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