How To Colour Correct?

You might be familiar with the usual concealer where it's one or two shades lighter than your skin shade, but have you ever tried colour correcting? Now, what on Earth is colour correcting and how are you supposed to know which colour to apply to your skin? Orange, blue, purple? Fret not, after this guide, you will be a pro in colour correcting already! 


Here's the colour wheel with 6 'primary colours' that you have to remember when learning about colour correcting, beginning from the centre-left, clockwise: Green, Purple, Orange, Pink, Yellow & Blue. Basically, colours that are opposite of each other in the colour wheel, cancel each other out. For instance, a green concealer will cancel out a red pimple, while an orange concealer will get rid of your dark blue circles. 


Not sure how it works yet? Don't worry, we will break down each colour one by one.


Orange, Pink, or Peach Concealer:

If you're on TikTok, particularly on BeautyTok, then you must've seen at least one video that shows the dark circle hack where you'll use lipstick that has orange tones to conceal them. Same concept, just different products! Orange concealer would definitely work better and you don't have to sacrifice your lipstick for it! Disclaimer: If your skin falls in the light skin category, you should opt for peach concealer instead as orange concealer will come off too striking on your skin.

Green or Blue Concealer:

Green is absolutely perfect to conceal any redness from your skin. Have that volcano-like acne that's swollen and makes a huge red circle on your face? Oh no, you have a wedding to attend? Don't panic, just apply a green concealer for a quick fix! It will also work on any redness in general, including acne scars. For blue concealers, they're perfect to neutralise dark spots and also hyperpigmentation.

Purple Concealer:

Purple cancels out yellow tones and it also has the perfect brightening effects, making it the best colour to combat dull complexion. You will shine like a diamond when you use this purple concealer, fo-sho.

Yellow Concealer:

Opposite purple concealers, yellow concealers can be used to get rid of purple-toned spots such as veins, bruises and also certain under-eye circles. 


Are you ready to be a Picasso at work with your colourful concealers? Just remember to use the right hues for your skin and apply them thinly. Don’t colour correct if you don’t have any noticeable or bright blemishes to conceal. A regular concealer will do the trick for the less noticeable ones. Just blend, blend, blend, and you’re good to go!


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