Euphoria & How It Changes The Way You Do Your Makeup

Out of tons of shows that came out recently, Euphoria has to be one of the dramas that take up the top spot. Other than its A-line cast ensemble and the irresistible high school drama plot line, the most notable factor about Euphoria is their distinctive makeup. 


Thanks to TikTok, this app has amplified the Euphoria effect on its massive followers, especially with their iconic makeup styles, mainly centres on colourful eyeshadows and eyeliners. 


According to their main makeup artist of the show, Doniella Davy, Euphoria makeup mostly consists of glitter, bold and pastel eyeshadows, graphic and mod liners, and also spiky lashes. Not to forget, the heavy usage of face rhinestones that give their makeup looks an extra ‘oomph’ or bedazzled ‘pzass’. 


Before Euphoria and TikTok, the most extra you can get with your makeup is having a cut crease eyeshadow with a thick, black, eyeliner but now, the possibilities are endless. Now, it’s completely normal to go out and about with a blue eyeliner or pink graphic liner. 


So, how do you get your makeup to be as ‘Euphoria’ as possible? Get your eyeshadow to be as ‘pop’ as possible but first, learn to blend your eyeshadow so that it won’t look patchy. If you’re not ready to go heavy-handed with your eyeshadow, you can start with nude-ish colourful shadows like pink nude shadow and apply it on your lower lash as well to give your eyes the extra pop. 


To amplify it even more, you can use white liner pencil on your waterline to look even more extra but be gentle when doing it so that you don’t risk yourself from poking your delicate eyes. Complete your eye look with a white liner or a corresponding coloured liner; just a small wing will do. Don’t forget to add some shimmer at the centre of your eyelids as well!


Don’t forget to give your makeup extra ‘life’ by adding blush to the apples of your cheek, whether it’s a pink, peach or nude shade, blush is the easiest way to make your skin look extra healthy and also glowy. You may apply blush on the tip of your nose for that cute touch too. 


Lock your entire makeup look with a nude lipstick and top it off with a gloss, if you don’t mind it sticking to your face mask. Either way, if your eye look is very ‘Euphoria-esque’, the best option is to opt for nude lipstick so that more attention will go to your eyes and your makeup won’t look too heavy. 


Anywho, don’t be afraid to express yourself with colours! Afterall, makeup is a form of art expression.


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