Could Your Hair Be The Cause Of Acne?

Diet, sleep, skincare products, genetics, and allergies; these are the most common factors when people think about acne. Do you know that your hair can also be one of the triggering factors of acne? 


Your hair has natural oils. If you know you have oily hair, the best hairstyle decision is to steer clear from bangs. When your hair is oily, your bangs will frequently touch your forehead and it will definitely cause irritation on your skin. You can also potentially trigger a breakout if you keep your bangs irritating your forehead. If the damage is done, you can pin your bangs away from your forehead to avoid your breakout from worsening.


Your hair products get to your face. While styling your precious locks, some hair products could stick to your face, even if you tried your best avoiding it. The best tip is to wash your face thoroughly to avoid the hair product from causing more acne.


You know that you’re not supposed to wash your hair every day, so for the nights where you won’t be washing your hair, don’t sleep with your hair down because you will be getting your hair oils to your face. Just pull it back and out of your face while you sleep for a clear skin. 


Lovin’ a 2-in-1 shampoo because it saves you a lot of time? You might have to consider investing extra time for your hair because 2-in-1 shampoos won’t make the cut. These shampoos are known to cause breakouts due to the heavy formulation that tends to sit in the hair which can be super pore-clogging. 


Showering in the wrong order. Do you wash your body first before your hair? Do you know that there’s a step-by-step routine that you should follow in order to give yourself a squeaky clean shower? The steps are as follows: wash your hair, condition your hair, brush your teeth, wash your body and finally, wash your face. This allows your face to be clean and free from any remaining bath products away from your skin. 


Now that you know everything, there’s only one question left that you should ask yourself: Hair you ready to practise a healthier hair routine that could also improve your skin condition from acne? (Hair = Are. Geddit?)


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