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Contour VS Bronzer: What's The Difference?

Posted by Shary Jimie on

Contours and bronzers are very similar and some might not be able to tell the difference. But do you know that they are very different?


Bronzers are created to give your skin extra warmth and glow at certain areas of your face and contours are made to ‘shape’ certain features on your face. While bronzers are typically more warm toned while contours are more cool toned because the latter is supposed to create a ‘shadow’ effect. Bronzer usually tend to have warmer undertones such as red, orange and yellow, while contours are based on earth-toned colours. 


Bronzers and contours have different finishes too. Most bronzers are matte but some might have a shimmery finish while almost all contours are matte, with some in creamier finish in forms of contour sticks.  


The easiest tip to differentiate the two is bronzer will give you a warm beach glow while contour will accentuate your facial features. You will apply your bronzer in places where the Sun would hit on your face and for contour, you will apply it where the shadow would fall at certain points of your face.


Bronzers are applied at higher points of your face while contour will be applied at concave areas such as below your jawline, under your cheekbones, on the sides of your nose bridge and under the arches of your brows to create a chiselled effect. 


You might get away if you use your bronzer to contour but not advisable if it’s the other way around because your makeup will look a tad ashy if you use cooler toned contour at the higher points of your face. 


The key to a flawless bronzer or contour is to be patient when you apply it. You shouldn’t be in a rush or anything, especially for contouring as it requires time to blend. 


Remember to blend, blend, blend!

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