Sunburn Skin Care Guide

Had too much fun under the Sun and you got sunburnt? Don’t panic, there are ways to take care of your delicate skin after getting a sunburn. 


Now, what are the symptoms of a sunburn? Sunburn is when your skin turns red and it feels painful whenever you touch it. Your skin feels hot and tight, then after several days, your skin might start to peel. The worst case scenarios are your skin will blister and swell up. 


How to treat your sunburn? You need to take frequent showers with cool water to relieve the pain. Apply moisturiser or lotion to your skin so that your skin won’t be dry. The best ingredient would be Aloe Vera because it’s known to be very cooling and soothing. 


Keep yourself hydrated with enough water and it’s even better if you drink extra water during this period. This is because sunburn will cause the fluid in your body to decrease so water is crucial to avoid dehydration.


If your skin feels very painful, consider taking OTC (Over The Counter) pain relievers and if symptoms persist, consult the nearest clinic or hospital immediately. How to know when you should see the doctor?


There are three degrees of sunburn. First degree of sunburn involves redness, tightness around the skin, blistering, swelling and peeling skin. Second degree sunburn symptoms include extremely red skin, wet looking skin, it feels very painful, and white discoloration on the burns. While the third degree sunburn involves leathery looking burn, and numb skin.


If your sunburn symptoms fall into the second and third category then that’s your call to get professional medical help as soon as possible.


Avoid peeling your skin and make sure that your burnt areas are covered, especially when you’re outdoors. 


How to reduce the risk of getting a sunburn? Make sure to reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours and use protective layers if you’re going to be under the Sun for long hours. 


All in all, Never Forget Sunscreen.


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