Hoodie Dress Up, or Dress Down: An Ultimate Styling Guide

Hoodie Dress Up, or Dress Down: An Ultimate Styling Guide

 Hoodies are usually the easiest to throw on when you don’t know what to wear or you’re going somewhere colder like the cinema, or ice skating rink, perhaps. Hoodies are absolutely perfect when you’re in a snuggly mood, just turn on the A/C, wear an oversized hoodie and you are guaranteed to have a relaxing day. Even if you’re working while being in one, at least you’re wearing a super comfy outfit. 

But here’s the bigger question: How do you style up your hoodie when you’re going outside? You can still look like your outfit is put together even if you’re wearing a hoodie. All you need to do is match the right bottom with the right hoodie.


Straight Cut Pants or Skinny Jeans, Say Goodbye to Wide-Legged Pants 


Hoodies are generally baggy, it’s better to pair it with a bottom that’s not as ‘baggy’ so wide-legged pants should be out of the picture. Skinny jeans are a popular option to be paired with hoodies for that casual, streetwear look. If you’re not a fan of skinny jeans, straight cut pants are a popular choice too, especially those in black, beige or white colour, something that’s not in denim blue, for a c change.


It’s Time To Get A Good Pair of Bootcut Pants 



If you’re never into bootcut pants, well, this is the perfect time for you to get into the trend! Hoodies and bootcut pants make the perfect match because it’s not as baggy as wide-legged pants, the flare silhouette compliments your hoodie top perfectly. It makes you look more ‘dressy’ as opposed to wearing regular cutting jeans. 


Match It with Your Activewear Leggings 

This is the easiest match for a classic ‘sporty’ look. It’s perfect for your grocery run, lunch hangout with your buddies or even a movie sesh! Pair it with chunky sports shoes to style it up!


Long Skirts Are A No-No, Pair Em’ With Midi or Short Skirts Instead, Or A Dress!


Pairing a hoodie with a long skirt is not really a neat look. Try switching it up with a midi or short skirt for a cute, casual look. Even better, you can wear your hoodie outside of your midi dress and you will automatically look like a dainty princess. If you’re a hijabi, you should pair yours with bootcut pants instead, it’s super flattering!


Accessorise Your Hoodie 

Pair your outfit with a cute set of earrings or a stylish sunnies. Styling your hair up with a ponytail is also cute too. A turban is also a famous choice for the hijabis but you can always style your scarf according to your style!

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