5 Nail Care Tips You Can Try… and Nail!

5 Nail Care Tips You Can Try… and Nail!


Did you get our pun? Taking care of your nails are super important, not only for vanity purposes but also for your health reasons. It doesn’t necessarily include painting your nails red and calling it a day as some of us are not fans of getting mani-pedi sessions. Healthy nails lessens your chance of getting ingrown nails and your nails will also look pretty and neat, especially when you’re snapping photos while holding your cuppa Joe, flower bouquet, etc.

1. Trim Your Nails Properly

Always cut your nails straight across in order to avoid ingrown nails. Try cutting your nails after shower so your nails will be softer and they will be easier to trim. Invest in sharp nail clippers and if you’ve been using yours for a while, then it’s time to chuck out yours and get a new one!

2. Take Care of Your Cuticles

Apply cuticle oil around your cuticles so they will be soft and healthy. If you can’t find actual cuticle oil, you can substitute it with olive oil instead. Use it once a week to avoid hardened cuticles that could overgrow then could trigger a bacterial infection.

3. Choose Gentle Nail Polishes

Harsh nail polishes are usually the cause of super dry nails so when you’re onto your next mani-pedi sesh, or you’re buying your next nail polish, search for the non-toxic ones that are gentle on your nails, even when you need to remove them.

4. Avoid Biting Your Nails

We understand the habit of biting our nails especially when things are getting more stressful and nerve-racking, but this habit is just as unhealthy as licking your lips. Nail biting causes long-term damage where you could possibly damage the skin around your nails, increasing the risk of an infection. Not only that, it changes how your nails look and you could even catch a cold or other diseases by constantly placing your dirty fingers in your mouth. After a while, your teeth can be damaged too from the habit of biting your hard nails.

5. Moisturize Your Hands

Ever wonder why Korean beauty brands always sell hand creams? Psst, it’s their secret to super soft and youthful hands especially during their harsh winter days or hot summer season! Hand creams are important not only to moisturise your hands but also your nails. It’s time to say goodbye to dry, crusty hands!


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