Back To Office - What to bring in your beauty bag

Back To Office - What to bring in your beauty bag

As more people are getting vaccinated, many offices are starting to reopen their doors for their fellow employees. Just like the excitement that you feel when returning back to school every year, this time, the feeling is almost similar after almost two years of being cooped indoors.

We have compiled a few things you should bring in your beauty bag once you’re returning back to your office:

#1 Hand Sanitiser & Spare Mask
It’s super important to have your own hand sanitiser so you can clean your hand whenever you need it. Just bring a travel-sized one, they come in so many fragrances too! Gel or spray? Up to you. Don’t forget to bring spare disposable masks too in case you accidentally tugged yours.

#2 Facial Mist & Sunscreen
Ah, back in the icy, cold, office. Be sure to keep your skin hydrated by getting a good facial mist to keep your skin moisturised and you can also feel extra energised with each spritz! You might as well wanna slip in your pocket-sized sunscreen too in case you have to go out to another location under the blazing sun.

#3 Comb, Hair Pins or Hijab Pins
After a long day of working, sometimes your hair can get pretty messy, or your hijab. And oh no, you have to go somewhere after work? Fret not, just carry a comb, hairpins, or hair ties, while for the hijabis, be sure to have a few hijab pins in case you mysteriously lose yours (happens to us too)!

#4 Deodorant & emergency pads
There are chances that you might sweat and you don’t want to put yourself in a sticky situation where your armpits are…..stinky. Include a small deodorant in your beauty bag so you can glide (or spray) em’ in times of need! Not to forget, emergency pads for those days when you don’t see it coming. Like those instances when your period just decided to surprise you a few days earlier

#5 Fuss-Free Makeup
Don’t forget to bring along your fuss-free makeup items in your bag so you can touch up your makeup without having to bring a whole brush set or an entire eyeshadow palette. Just bring a liquid blush, a face powder, brow pencil, a liquid eyeshadow ‘pen’, mascara, lipstick and lip care treatment. You can bring a tiny makeup remover and a reusable face cloth too!

Our fuss-free favourites for a ‘complete’ makeup look? It’d be our Reality Star Eyeshadow, Glo With The Flo Liquid Blush, Long Lift Lashes Mascara, Super Slim Stick, and our iconic Glossy Glo Lip Oil. All are available on our website!



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