Night-time Skincare Routine

Night-time Skincare Routine

Planning to give your skin extra lovin' and achieve that bouncy skin of your dreams? It’s important to layer your skincare products according to their thickness but before you can get to any of that, remember to check the ingredients of your desired skin care products and be sure that you can layer them together (Psst, we’re going to touch on this topic soon!) because not all skincare products are ‘layer-friendly’.

1. Makeup Remover
This is the most important part of a skincare routine, even if you’re not wearing makeup (you can use an oil cleanser instead). It removes all of the grime that’s been sticking onto your skin and even though you’re indoors for the entire day, don’t think that your skin is squeaky clean because it’s still exposed to little dust and dirt floating around your home.


2. Gentle Cleanser
After you’re done with the first layer of cleansing, you need to cleanse your face with your favourite gentle cleanser. But, how do you know if your cleanser is gentle? If your skin doesn’t feel tight right after cleansing it, it means that your cleanser is good to go! A gentle cleanser is important because it’s mild enough to cleanse away all of the impurities on your skin without stripping away your skin hydration.


3. Toner
Toner is important, though some people either love it or avoid it overall, it’s actually a useful step to prep your skin before your following skincare products! It helps to balance the pH levels and moisture levels on your skin. After all, it’s light enough and some even have additional ingredients to enhance your skin without having to add other skincare steps right after (except moisturiser, this one is important!).

4. Essence
If you want to add an additional skin care product to your overall routine, you should definitely start with an essence. It’s lightweight and most of them aren’t even sticky, to begin with, in fact, some of them feel like water! It has various ingredients according to your skin needs, minus the thickness of a serum. Not just that, it also allows a better absorption for your next skincare products.

5. Serum
A serum junkie? Or planning to incorporate one into your routine? You should definitely use it towards the end of your routine because it’s much thicker in its consistency. Whether it’s salicylic acid or niacinamide, just ensure to use it after essence, or after toner, if you’re not using an essence.

6. Mask / Eye Mask
What better way to wind down than putting a mask on your face to end your busy day? Whether it's a disposable facial mask or cream-based, you can apply it right before moisturiser (except sleeping masks). If you're #TeamEyeMask, you should definitely apply it around your eye circles before your moisturiser too!

7. Moisturiser
Moisturiser is important to seal all of the skin care products you’ve applied previously. Not just that, your moisturiser also helps to protect your skin barrier from irritation. Even if your skin is oily, a moisturiser is still important to balance out the moisture level in your skin, which is related to acne and breakouts. 


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