Body Care Tips: Beyond Shower Gels & Quick Rinses

Body Care Tips: Beyond Shower Gels & Quick Rinses

More often than not, we always hear about skincare, makeup and sometimes, haircare. Body care? Not so much. Your body is just as important as your face so you should give it equal love! If you’re the type who only uses shower gel and that’s it, you should definitely consider adding a few more products to unveil smoother skin all over your body! Here are five tips for you to kickstart your body care routine:

#1 Shower 2 times a day and after you sweat
With our daily routines returning back to normal, it’s kinda impossible to shower thrice a day because we will be dashing out of the door at the crack of dawn and come home later in the evening. It’s important to shower at least twice a day to keep your body clean and minimise bacterial production that causes body odour.

If you go out for any fitness activities or you’re simply perspiring, it’s also advisable to shower because sweat is the main cause of body acne. When you let your sweat dry on its own, it can be trapped in your skin glands, causing acne to pop out.

#2 Scrub, scrubba, dub
Ever notice the tiny grey bits coming out of your skin when you rub your skin while showering? That’s dead skin building up on the top layer of your skin when it’s exposed to dirt, oils, bacteria and many other nasties. Be sure to exfoliate your body once a week with a body scrub. Not only that, try incorporating bath tools when you’re cleansing your body every day; loofah or exfoliating gloves, just pick whichever in your favour!

#3 Moisturise your body - In the shower essentials
It’s important to keep your body well-moisturised so it can stay hydrated and supple from morning to night. There are various products for you to choose from: In-shower body lotion or body oil. But when you’re lathering your body with any of these products, be extra cautious because it can be pretty slippery and you might slip on the bathroom floor. Be careful, OK! 

#4 After-shower care
Body lotion should be a part of your body care routine, if you haven’t, because you have no idea how life-changing a body lotion can be. It keeps your skin super smooth and bouncy, with so many types for you to choose from and they also have many affordable ones in the market! They also come in so many fragrances and the best part? Layering a body lotion before spraying a perfume or body mist can help it last longer, just make sure that the body lotion carries a similar note (or no fragrance at all) to your chosen fragrance.

#5 Shave or wax the right way
Get rid of the fuzzies but you have to do it the right way. Be sure to exfoliate your skin before shaving or waxing so you can get the closest shave or wax as possible and don’t forget to moisturise your skin right after so they won’t get irritated or red!


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