Why Do Foundation Oxidize?

Why Do Foundation Oxidize?

You know the typical ‘catfish’ love story, you fall in love with a foundation, it looks absolutely stunning when you’re at the store but by the time you get home.. it looks weird. Why does foundation oxidise and how does it happen?

Just like the name, foundation oxidises after it gets exposed to oxygen, just like how your veggies change colour after you slice and leave them out in the open. Don’t give up on your new foundation yet. Fret not, there are still ways for you to still pull it off beautifully.

Get a face primer
If you haven’t started to incorporate face primer in your makeup routine, then now is the perfect time for you to start using one. Face primer helps to prep your skin before applying foundation and in this case, it acts as a middle layer in between your skin and your foundation so it helps to lessen oxidation.

Blot your foundation
Blot your foundation with a clean tissue to get rid of excess oils so it will look smoother, less oxidised and you won’t end up looking like a glazed donut after long hours of having foundation on your skin. It also prolongs the staying time so you can look fabulous from day to night!

Finish it up with a setting powder
Once you’re all done, dab some setting powder on your skin to prevent air from messing up with your foundation. Not only that, your foundation will also look less cakey and it won’t budge.

Still can’t save it?
Don’t worry, sometimes there are just those instances where you purchase a makeup product on impulse and it doesn’t look as good as when you were browsing it at the makeup counter (or online). You can donate it to a family member or friend, or you can even resell it as your preloved! 


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