The Battle of Foundation Application: Brush VS Beauty Sponge VS Fingertips

The Battle of Foundation Application: Brush VS Beauty Sponge VS Fingertips

When it comes to applying foundation, some love team brush, some swear by beauty sponges while some are Team Fingertips! How different do these three actually make? Do they really make a huge difference on your foundation base? 

Actually, it does! Foundation brushes are famous when it comes to applying a full-coverage makeup base. Wanna go for a full-coverage? Go for Kabuki-style brush. If you’re going for an airbrushed look, fluffy brushes are the way to go. Whether you’re going for a full-glam look or putting up makeup for any events, foundation brushes make the perfect choice for a higher coverage effect as opposed to beauty sponges and fingertips. This is why makeup artists lean toward foundation brushes because you gotta spread that makeup base evenly!

Let’s talk about beauty sponges. Beauty sponges rocked the beauty industry (still are), due to its super convenient application and it’s the easiest tool to give you instant ‘your-skin-but-better’ effect! However, beauty sponges are not suitable for all kinds of foundation. Beauty sponges absorb a lot of product to give you that seamless look, which might be a product wastage if you get a bad beauty sponge, but if you get the good ones, your foundation will look flawless and skin-like. Beauty sponges work best with a lightweight foundation so avoid pairing it with the heavier ones.

Fingertips are the best option if you’re applying a super lightweight foundation. The warmth from your fingers makes it even easier to blend the product into your skin. Only use your fingers to apply foundation when they’re clean and sanitised, avoid heavy foundation at all costs because you won’t be able to dab your foundation all over your skin evenly and it will look blotchy on certain areas of your skin. Lightweight foundation, BB and CC creams are perfect to blend using your fingers.

Whichever team you are, it’s always fun experimenting with various makeup tools to explore which one works best for you and whatever your makeup look you’re going for on that day. After all, makeup is personal and one trick definitely doesn’t fit everybody. Don’t be afraid to own it, besties!


(Photo: Nylon Singapore)


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