Never Forget Sunscreen

Never Forget Sunscreen

 Introducing Velvet Vanity Cosmetics’ first-ever skincare product, the Never Forget Sunscreen. This is everything that you gotta know about the latest family member of the VVC squad. 


Never Forget Sunscreen is a hybrid sunscreen that is powered with SPF50+ PA++++ to protect your precious skin against the harmful UV rays, namely UVA rays and UVB rays.


What are UVA and UVB rays?

UVA rays are short for Ultraviolet A rays that are associated with skin aging, as they contain longer wavelengths. As for UVB rays, which by now you are able to tell that it means Ultraviolet B rays, have shorter wavelength and it’s often associated with skin burning. Now both of these UV rays have one thing in common: they are often the main contributing factors to skin cancer, which is why sunscreen application is super crucial in order to avoid the chances of getting it. 


How about hybrid sunscreen? 

Did you know that there used to be two kinds of sunscreen, physical and chemical sunscreen? Physical sunscreen uses minerals that sit on top of the skin to reflect away UV rays whereas chemical sunscreen uses ingredients that absorb both UV rays and then transform them into heat. More often than not, the former is thicker in consistency and sometimes tends to be sticky. But behold, hybrid sunscreen is here to save the day and in particular is our new favourite, Never Forget Sunscreen!

Never Forget Sunscreen has the mineral filter of a physical sunscreen with lightweight properties of a chemical sunscreen, making it a great base under makeup. Rushing somewhere and you have time to apply your makeup base? Just use Never Forget Sunscreen and blend, blend, blend, for a brightening effect! 

Formulated in Korea, Never Forget Sunscreen is neither sticky or greasy, and it’s cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, paraben-free and most importantly, fragrance-free so it’s suitable for our VVC besties who have sensitive skin. Not only that, Never Forget Sunscreen is also reef-safe so you can dive in with the fishies under the Sea!

The sunscreen’s packaging is designed to let you bring your trustee sunscreen anywhere so you can apply it anytime. The cap is also attached to the bottle so you don’t have to worry about losing the cap any more! The best part, the bottle fits in your pocket so you can reapply it whenever needed or every 2 hours (as per the dermatologists’ recommendation). 


So folks, never forget sunscreen with Never Forget Sunscreen.


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